What is canyoning?

Canyoning involves putting on a wetsuit and a helmet and traversing a section of river, using whatever techniques necessary to overcome the obstacles found along the way. Techniques used include walking, climbing, jumping off waterfalls, abseiling and swimming. Our Lost World Canyon does not require customers to climb or abseil, however there are optional jump rocks for those who want to spice things up. We use all of the above techniques to negotiate the Dove Canyon.

Is canyoning dangerous?

Canyoning can be dangerous for those without guidance, knowledge or experience of the area, or the right equipment. Cradle Mountain Canyons’ guides possess great skill, knowledge of the area and experience canyon guiding. They are all trained and qualified in First Aid, Swift-Water Rescue and Abseiling. Our equipment is second to none and has been tried and tested for its suitability to the area we operate in. Additionally our operations are subject to regular independent audits.

Do I need to be able to swim?

Being able to swim on the Lost World Canyon is desirable, but not required. Customers MUST be able to swim for the Dove Canyon. We say 25m without a stop as a rough guide for swimming ability required for Dove Canyon

Do I need a National Parks pass?

Yes, for the Dove Canyon and Lost World Canyon Tours. Park fees are not included in the tour price as a lot of people have them already. We recommend arriving early and purchasing passes from the Visitor Information Centre prior to the trip departure. You do not need a Parks Pass for the Machinery Canyon Tour.

How big are the groups?

Max is 12, average is 8 or 9. We can accomodate bigger groups though - please call 1300032384 if you would like to discuss a group booking.

What should I bring?

We provide all the specialised gear you need to wear throughout the trip – life jacket, helmet, wetsuit, shoes, gloves and harness. You should bring with you: 1. Something to go under your wetsuit (bathers or undies will suffice. A rash-vest or thermal top if you have them are good.) Whatever you wear under your wetsuit will get wet, so dry undies and socks are good to have to get changed into. 2. Clothes and shoes in which to walk into the canyon. It can be cold at Cradle Mt any time of the year, so it's always worth having a rain coat and warm clothes. 3. A hat, drink bottle and sun-cream. You will not need these while canyoning, but they are good to have for the walk into and out of the canyon. 4. A towel (there are no change-rooms in the wilderness - so a towel it is). 5. If you require the aid of glasses, you will need to bring a strap to secure them. 6. Any medications you require. Please notify your guide prior to the tour of any medical/physical conditions you feel we need to know about. If you need to bring medication, we can carry it in our waterproof first aid kit. 7. Do not bring anything valuable with you. The river gods have a taste for jewelry and Swiss watches.

Where do we meet for our tour?

Our office is located next to the Cradle Mountain Visitor Centre. All of our tours depart from our office. Parking is available free of charge. Please aim to arive 15 min prior to the tour time.

I have a medical/physical condition. Does this stop me from participating?

We reserve the right to refuse to take a client on a tour if we feel they are not physically capable of completing the tour. However, we do not ask clients to complete a medical form prior to the tour. We think that if you are well informed about what is involved in the trip, you are generally a better judge of whether you will be able to handle it than we are. Just tell us if there is anything about your physical or medical condition that you think we need to know. We require a doctors certificate for anyone who is pregnant and wanting to come canyoning with us. Please consult with your doctor if you are unsure about your fitness for a canyoning tour. Our tours cater for a wide range of abilities and fitness levels. Please feel free to call us any time if you have any questions about your ability to participate on a tour.

Can I bring my camera?

Sure, but it is at your own risk and it must be waterproof. We have had a lot of people lose cameras and also hurt themselves with them when jumping. You can buy all the photos we take of the tour (Usually 50 to 100 photos) for $40 (2017/2018 rate)

What are the cancellation fees?

No fee if you can give us at least seven days notice. It is 100% cancellation fee after that, as we probably won't have time to resell the spot you have been holding.

Will the tour run if it is raining?

We are getting wet anyway in the canyon, so we don’t feel too fazed by bad weather. However, canyoning can be dangerous if there is a chance of the river flooding. Cradle Mountain Canyons reserves the right to cancel any tours at any time due to unsafe conditions. In this case, customers will be given the choice of an alternate tour or a full refund.

Is there phone reception at Cradle Mountain?

Only Telstra mobile phones have good reception at Cradle Mountain. Please notify us of your accommodation provider if you do not have access to a Telstra Mobile, just in case we need to contact you prior to the trips departure.

Where should I stay at Cradle Mountain?

There are a bunch of great accomodation options around Cradle. Check out the Our Friends page in the About section of our website