Years Guiding: 18

Seasons with CMC: Currently in number nine

Study/work/adventuring history: Started out as a white water kayaker aged 12, leading to work as a bushwalking and rafting guide while studying philosophy and politics at uni. Spent my 20s travelling the world with my kayak and working as a rafting and canyoning guide in a bunch of different locations. Adventuring highlights included paddling some amazing rivers in Nepal, Tibet and Tajikistan and a month long solo trek along the Great Wall of China. Now with three young kids, getting out of bed in the morning is an adventure. After being a river guide for a number of years, I started CMC with my good mate Tim Trevaskis in 2010.

Favorite place in the canyons of Cradle Mountain: Being alone in The Pit, Dove Canyon.

Life Motto: You can't put the toothpaste back in the tube


Years working as a guide: 5

Seasons with CMC: 5th season for CMC; 1st as Operations Manager

Study/Work/Adventuring History: Hospitality chef/barista/coffee roasting background. Climbing guide, canyoning guide, whitewater kayaking instructor, Wilderness Emergency Medicine Technician, adventures include climbing rocks and mountains locally and all over the world

Favourite place in the canyons of Cradle Mountain: Obviously the Super Fun Happy Slide

Life motto: It could be worse. It can always be worse.



Numbers of years working as a guide: 15 years (that means i'm quite old)

Number of seasons at CMC: 7 Seasons

Work/study/adventuring history: I sometimes guide rafts and canyons, or work in outdoor education to make a living in parts of this world, and i spend my hard earned dollars climbing in China, Italy and the USA, mountaineering in Kyrgyzstan and Nepal, getting wind-blasted in Patagonia and snowboard down some epic gullyes in France and Switzerland!

Favorite place in the canyons of Cradle Mountain: If it can't be the drying shed it would be at the bottom of Freestyle Falls!

Life motto: Mountains, cheese and some coffee is all i need!



Years Guiding: 10

Seasons with CMC: This is my 6th

Study/work/adventuring history: Rafted in Switzerland, before canyoning in Tas. Studied biology/ecology. Lucky enough to have been to all the continents!

Favourite place in the canyons of Cradle Mountain: Secret Myrtle garden near the beginning of the Dove Canyon and cave below Teacup Falls.

Life Motto: Chase life’s adventure and live simply



Number of years working as a guide: 17

Number of seasons at CMC: 4th

Work, study and adventuring history: I fell into rock climbing guiding as an incredibly enthusiastic teenager and have spent the last 16 years trying to find something else to do. I have done a lot of different things, including becoming a lawyer, but as yet, nothing has stuck. I am finishing my final placement to be a paramedic, but will probably still be guiding in another 17 years.

Favorite place in the canyons of Cradle Mountain: Horsey Falls … I love it when people manage to pull off their first ever flip! Woot.

Life motto: If you can still laugh about it, it’s probably going to be ok!



Years working as a guide: 3

Seasons with CMC: 3rd

Work/study/adventuring history: Marginally qualified fish farmer, berry picker, waiter, coxwain, kayaker, raft guide and surf coach. 

Fully qualified marine scientist (BAppSc(ME)) volunteer firefighter, scientific diver, canyon guide and Certificate IV Outdoor Recreation graduate.  

Aspiring waterman usually found surfing, diving, kayaking, fishing, boating, mountainbiking, bushwalking, cross country snowboarding and jumping off things somewhere in Tasmania. 

Currently a full-time lumberjack and part-time canyon guide at Cradle Mountain Canyons. 

Favourite place in the canyons of Cradle Mountain: Chock stone above the laundry shoot pool. 

Life Motto: Love life, be respectful, learn from failure, recognise oppourtunities and back yourself. 



Number of years working as a guide: Second year in the guiding world

Number of seasons at CMC: Two

Work, study and adventuring history: Freelance guide; recently graduated with an Outdoor Education Degree. Many outdoor adventures climbing, kayaking and mountain biking throughout Tasmania and Victoria.

Favorite place in the canyons of Cradle Mountain: Freestyle Falls in the Dove Canyon

Life motto: Collect moments not things.



Years Guiding: 6

Seasons with CMC: 4

Work/study/adventuring history: Studied Cert IV tourism and Cert IV outdoor recreation. Climbing before I could walk, leading outdoor adventures since I was 16.

Favourite place in the canyons of Cradle Mountain: Horsey Falls (fun for everyone)

Life motto: Do as I say not as I do.



Years Guiding: 6

Seasons with CMC: Third season

Study/work/adventuring history: Grew up in kooperoona niara (Great Western Tiers) and have always had a strong passion for the outdoors, whether it be fishing, bushwalking, horse riding, canyoning, climbing, rafting, biking or kayaking I am just bloody stoked to be there and get charged up by the natural world.

Have been working as a guide for the past six years from Port Davey to Kakadu with Certificate IV in Outdoor Rec and Adventure Guiding under my belt.

Future looks like working with the next generations and getting them passionate about the outdoors, getting way more involved in conservation and of course doing flippies at Cradle Canyons!

Favorite place in the canyons of Cradle Mountain: Doing whirly whirlys deep underwater after being shot out of the Laundry Chute.

Life Motto: Having tried the alternative, I choose optimism, despite it being more enjoyable it gets things done!



Years guiding: Since 2004

Seasons with CMC: 4

Work/study/adventuring history: I completed a degree in Outdoor Education at Latrobe University in Bendigo. During the 3 years I enjoyed mulit-day adventures in kayaking, rafting, climbing and hiking. In the last few years, I qualified as an Iyengar yoga teacher in 2018. However my biggest adventure is being a mum to two boys.

Favorite place in the canyons of Cradle Mountain: At the bottom of the Laundry Chute because I know I made it through :)

Life motto: Enjoy the ride.



Role: Cradle Mountain Film Festival Coordinator

Seasons with CMC: Hanging around right from the start

Study/work/adventuring history: Tassie born and bred, I’ve always loved mountains and water - sailing, rowing and paddling from a young age; bushwalking, skiing, snowboarding and snow-shoeing. I volunteered at Mountainfilm in Telluride, Colorado after working a couple of seasons (winter and summer) there in my early twenties, and since then wanted to bring the magic of that festival to Tasmania! The Cradle Mountain Film Festival is a melting pot of adventurous types and is Tasmania’s only adventure film festival, incorporating a bunch of fun outdoor activities, films and workshops. Cradle Canyons and CMFF also tour films in Tassie throughout the year.

Favorite place in the canyons of Cradle Mountain: A skinny dip in the plunge pool at the take out of the Lost World Canyon

Life Motto: Everyone has a story, listen carefully