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Dove Canyon

Our most popular, with six stunning waterfalls, hidden in deep canyons and surrounded by stunning rainforests


6-8 Hr Tour

Age 15+

Lunch & Photos

Dove Canyon is Tassie adventure at its best. We walk through pristine rain forest to this stunning canyon. After abseiling in, we spend the day walking and floating through the canyon and doing what we have to do to navigate the obstacles we find along the way. The main obstacles are six waterfalls which we abseil, jump or slide off!

One of the highlights is the Laundry Chute - a ten metre high natural slide that shoots you out of a large cave (which we call The Pit) into a big open pool. Very unique and highly exhilarating. 

This is a committing trip - once you're in, there's only one way out and there is no way to walk around any of the waterfalls. Having said that, most of our clients have no canyoning experience, and it doesn't require any particular skills as such - just an ability to swim and a sense of adventure.  

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Lost World Canyon

Welcome to the World of Canyoning, all the fun in safe environment with optional jumps


3-4 Hr Tour

Age 8+


This tour is all about getting up close and personal with a unique part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area and gaining an introduction to the world of canyoning.

After a 20 minute walk to the river, we put on wetsuits and the guides give you a safety talk. We then enter the Dove River and float and walk our way through this pristine wilderness.

There are jumps and other challenges, making for a super fun morning or afternoon. All the challenges are optional on this tour, so it is less committing than our full day experiences. 



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Machinery Canyon

Take on the big waterfalls, stunning scenery and lots of cool abseiling


7-9 Hr Tour

Age 13+

Lunch & Photos

This is a big day out and a fantastic option for groups who have done our Dove Canyon previously. It is quite a different tour to the Dove Canyon - the canyon is bigger and so are the waterfalls, which means there is a lot more abseiling.

We meet at our Cradle Mountain office, get you kitted out and then drive about half an hour in our bus. A short walk brings us to the canyon. After we abseil the first 20 metre waterfall, we find one waterfall after another until we reach the last, and biggest, waterfall - Petrifying Falls. 

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Phoenix Gorge

Take on the BIG Cheese 30m waterfall, little cheese slide, Multiple climbs, abseils+ziplines


8 Hr Tour

Age 15+

Lunch & Photos

This is a big day with a bit of everything! A hike up a hill to get to the start is followed by a couple of abseils to enter the canyon. A bit of down-climbing and a few other obstacles and before you know it, you're at Little Cheese. This is a fun slide and provides a great warm up for what's around the corner.

To take on the challenge of Pheonix Gorge requires a good level of fitness, ability to swim and previous abseil experience. Price includes lunch and photo package.

Big Cheese is an epic, almost vertical 30 metre high waterfall. Abseil down the first half before taking a deep breath, getting your courage up, and letting go of the rope to slide the second half into the deep pool below! It's a fantastic rush.

The excitement doesn’t stop there. Zipline over the top of the next waterfall, then another zipline shoots you straight into the water followed by a couple more jumps. Catch your breath when we stop for lunch in a stunning riverside spot.


No experience necessary

We give you everything you need - just bring bathers, towel and a drink bottle and we’ll sort the rest. We even provide photos of the tour at no extra cost, so you can focus your energy on the fun stuff.

Experienced and qualified guides will lead you through the stunning canyons found a stone’s throw from Cradle Mountain. You can choose between an action packed day of waterfall jumps and slides in the Dove Canyon or a much easier introduction to the world of canyoning in the Lost World Canyon - open to children aged eight and up.