Take on the Super 
Thrilling Challenge

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Take on the BIG Cheese 30m waterfall, little cheese slide, Multiple climbs, abseils+ziplines


8 Hr Tour

Age 15+

Lunch & Photos

This is a big day with a bit of everything! A hike up a hill to get to the start is followed by a couple of abseils to enter the canyon. A bit of down-climbing and a few other obstacles and before you know it, you're at Little Cheese. This is a fun slide and provides a great warm up for what's around the corner.

To take on the challenge of Pheonix Gorge requires a good level of fitness, ability to swim and previous abseil experience. Price includes lunch and photo package.

Big Cheese is an epic, almost vertical 30 metre high waterfall. Abseil down the first half before taking a deep breath, getting your courage up, and letting go of the rope to slide the second half into the deep pool below! It's a fantastic rush.

The excitement doesn’t stop there. Zipline over the top of the next waterfall, then another zipline shoots you straight into the water followed by a couple more jumps. Catch your breath when we stop for lunch in a stunning riverside spot.


Located about one hour drive from Cradle Mountain, Phoenix Gorge with its mix of rainforest and eucalypt species was burnt by bushfire in 2016. The bush has an amazing ability to spring back, and throughout this trip, particularly on the walk in, you will see the green regrowth of a recovering forest.

We recommend completing the Dove Canyon if it is your first time out with us. This makes for a great follow up with different sorts of features.

We tend to put this one on on request, so you might not see a lot of availability on the booking page. Feel free to get in touch if you want to discuss doing a Phoenix Gorge trip.